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                        We know, Indonesia is rich in medicinal plants. For a long time, humans used plants and other natural ingredients as medicines to reduce pain, cure and prevent certain diseases, beautify themselves and maintain a healthy and fit body condition. From the historical record it is known that phytotherapy or therapy using plants has been known to the public since BC. Until now the use of plants or natural materials as a drug is known as traditional medicine.

For generations, Binahong plants are believed to have various medicinal properties ranging from minor illnesses to serious illnesses, including diseases caused by microorganisms. However, until now there has been no specific research that shows the truth of the efficacy of these plants, both with preclinical and clinical trials.
Binahong itself is clearly known as a medicinal plant from mainland China known as the real name Dheng San Chi. This plant has been known to have extraordinary healing properties and has been consumed for thousands of years by the Chinese, Koreans, Taiwanese, etc. In the Southeast Asia region, this plant is a mandatory consumption of the Vietnamese population when against American invasion, but unfortunately this plant is still foreign to the Indonesian region
Currently, traditional medicine in the form of herbs and medicinal plants is still widely used by the community, especially in the lower middle class. Even from time to time traditional medicine has experienced an increasingly increasing development, especially with the emergence of the issue of returning to nature (back to nature) and a prolonged crisis.All parts of this creeper are effective, starting from the roots, stems and leaves. Its use can be boiled or eaten as fresh vegetables for the leaves. This plant grows vines. It is often used as a gendola or gate that circles around the park road. Some think binahong is from Korea. However, this plant has long been in Indonesia and is commonly called gendola (Basella rubra Linn). Almost all parts of the binahong plant such as tubers, stems and leaves can be used in herbal therapy. Now the seeds are easily purchased at Kopeng attractions. This plant does grow well in cold and humid environments. And the plants that are being used for health are Binahong. Based on empirical data in the community, Binahong is believed to cure various kinds of diseases, including coughing or vomiting blood, lung disease, diabetes mellitus, kidney inflammation, hemorrhoid, dysentery, bleeding gums, wounds after surgery or childbirth, acne, accidental injuries , burns, increase male vitality, maintain stamina, reduce cholesterol, and others. However, there are no specific studies with pre-clinical and clinical trials that show the truth of the efficacy of these plants.

                     Diabetes mellitus is a group of heterogeneous disorders characterized be increase in blood glucose levels or hyperglycemia. (Brunner and Suddarth, 2008) Diabetes Melllitus is a collection of symptoms that arise in someone who caused by an increase in blood sugar (glucose) levels due to Insulin deficiency both absolute and relative (Arjatmo, 2006). Dibetes militus (DM) is a condition of chronic hyperglycemia accompanied by various disorders metabolic due to hormonal disorders, which cause various chronic complications in the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and blood vessels, accompanied by lesions on the basement membrane in an electron microscope examination. (Arif Mansjoer, 2007). A group of carbohydrate metabolic disorders, where blood glucose cannot used properly so as to cause a state of hyperglycemia (Abdul Khodir, 2012)For the next we click on the link


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